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Hi, my name is Nicole Dyonashe, and I've been teaching  dance for over 10 years. I've taught at Soaring Spirit and The Music Place, Merryhill Elementary School, El Shaddai Christian Academy in South Africa, Calvary Christian Academy, and most recently Live Oak Academy.

Over my lifetime, I've been trained in salsa, ballet, swing, ballroom, and others. However, my favorite form of dance is Praise Dance.  


For two decades of my life I couldn't understand how dance could be used to worship God, but when I understood that God created me with this desire and passion intentionally, everything changed. It was no longer just about my love for dance, if God made me a dancer, then I was designed to dance for His glory!

I was given my first pair of angel wings (praise flags) during my time abroad in South Africa and immediately fell in love with Praise Dance.  Since then, I've been compelled to extend my ability to teach dance and my passion for worship to teach children how we can use dance as an extension of our praise - worshipping not only in Spirit and truth but wholeheartedly and with our entire physical being.

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