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Creative Ballet  

2.5 - 3.5 year olds
Dancers are introduced to the fundamentals of ballet through the use of props, visuals, creativity, and improvisation.  In this fun and exciting class dancers will gallop, twirl, plié, and leap their way into a love for dance and worship.  Classes will begin with prayer and include practicing the ballet basics, learning simple choreography, exploring rhythm patterns, developing motor skills and coordination, and enjoying free dances.  Dancers are encouraged to express themselves and their love for their Creator through their movement.

Praise Dance (Ballet/Liturgical) 

4 - 7 year olds

Dance is an expression of worship!  This class is focused on cultivating the dancer's growth in musicality, coordination, and general dance skills. By teaching ballet basics, dancers will gain the necessary groundwork to pick up basic choreography and execute simple dance movements with skill and ease.  A portion of class time will also be allotted to introducing dancers to a variety of dance tools (scarves, ribbons, fan veils, etc) and teaching how these tools can be used as instruments of praise to extend worship beyond their body's physical limitations.  In this class, both classical and contemporary Christian music will be used.

Praise Ribbons

6 - 9 year olds

Besides ballet basics, dancers will be introduced to basic ribbon/streamer patterns.  We will primarily dance to upbeat praise music, and the class will have a strong focus on rhythm and coordination.  This class is designed for students to learn how to express themselves through movement, have fun, grow in their dance skills, but most importantly understand that music and dance were gifts given to us as a way to worship our Creator. 

Praise Flags**

7 year olds - adults

Besides ballet basics, students will learn basic and intermediate flagging techniques.  They will also explore a more extensive variety of dance tools including: veil poi, swing flags, ribbons/streamers, and silks.  They will learn techniques for transitioning between props and patterns, that will allow them to worship freely without the need for choreography.  They will also be taught choreographed routines so that the students can learn how to worship together as a collective unit, creating and telling a story to the audience that draws the attention and glory to God. 

**Students are required to provide their own flags

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