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Our goal is to promote biblical values through art and fashion.

Nicole Dyonashe, Founder


Thank you for visiting Bold with Nicole!  We are an online boutique that promotes biblical values through art and fashion.  I originally began this shop as Beauty from Ashes Boutique in 2017 as an art boutique with a vision to inspire transformed lives. 
When the global pandemic hit in 2020 and the US grew more politically divided, I saw the need for the church of Christ to unite together and for the gospel to be preached more fervently than ever. I was inspired to try out t-shirt printing and released my first design "Reopen California" the same day our home church opened in-person despite county orders.  It wasn't long till I had sold over 40 shirts and realized the importance for modest fashion-wear that quotes more than empty sayings.

Truly the world is desperate for more than a political answer, but an answer to the question of eternal life.
We hope to share this answer through the products we create and sell.
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